Experience the future of the claims workflow

Increase claims handling efficiency by supplying a collaborative digital solution to communicate in real time across all parties involved on the claim lifecycle.


One-stop Digital Platform

End to end claims management through a single platform for every stakeholder in the process.

Advanced user experiences are driven by comprehensive digital claims calculation technology to deliver cost and time savings across the value chain.


New Interface & UX Design

Insurers, experts or repair shops can now manage claims more easily than ever. This means less training required, increased productivity and increased profits.

Easy and practical interface. Greater productivity: 8 minutes saved per case (use case based in Europe).

Less training required; percentage of tasks completed successfully by the users with no training or guidance: 85,4%.


Standardizing workflows

By standardizing workflows and communication methods, Qapter provides insurers, experts, repairers and, finally the driver, with a transparent process that saves time and problems.

In addition, can ensure that stakeholders are process compliance.


Fully customizable workflow

Qapter provides a fully customizable workflow optimized per organization. Is natively integrated with other Solera products for claims related information and implements API layer to easily connect to third party platforms.


Touch Screen Friendly

Whether you’re making a valuation or identifying a part form your desktop computer or Tablet, Qapter offers you a seamless experience across all devices.

  • Touch screen friendly
  • Multibrowser
  • Responsive


Intelligent Repair Estimator (IRE)

The IRE is a z feature, specially tailored to estimate light damages to the outer parts of the vehicle.

Users can draw the damage on a vehicle with the mouse pointer or with their finger or stylus and establish the level of severity: low, medium, or high.

After drawing it, the IRE will provide the repair times, materials and recommended labour operations split into 2 different groups: strongly advised operations and useful operations to facilitate the work.

The most complete
in the market

User can identify almost any model at a global level with all the available options and specifications.

More than


million used part numbers

More than
years of experience

More than

Information for more than
manufacturers and models

vehicle options and variations

More than
data adaptations per month

Unique Claims Management

Hi definition 3D representation

Accurate Data driven insights

Extensive Parts Data

Detailed realtime access to materials and fittings


Easy to use digital parts discovery

Intuitive Damage Capture

Simple damage annotation accelerates assessment time

Simple Total Loss Decison making

Easily identify whether repair is cheaper than replacement

Dynamic operational calculations

Quicker calculation preview each time a new operation is selected

Claim Management

Qapter digitizes the procedure to manage a claim. Increase claims handling efficiency by supplying a collaborative solution to communicate in real time across all parties involved on the claim lifecycle.


Claim creation
Integration with FNOL
apps Claims triage


SGI: Solera Global Identification
Integration with registration lookup services


Qapter GO
IRE: Intelligent Repair Estimating Glass Repair Methods


DMS/BMS Interfaces
Parts procurement
Vehicle data information


Qapter Connect ensures regular and transparent communication and claims status against SLA

Estimation smarter than ever

Qapter Sync App

Accelerate claim workflow. Digital assignment of photo damage evidence to open claims cases.

  • Smart device access to comprehensive claim overview
  • Location tracking of car, incident, owner and repairer
  • Seamless interface to VIN
  • VIN Scanner

Qapter GO

Intelligent self service vehicle damage identification for repairers. Point and click recognition, rapid repair cost calculation and accurate estimations powered by real time vehicle data, rules engines and machine-learning.

  • Accurate triage and claims status communications
  • Efficient predictable bodyshop workflow
  • Digital user experience through native app
  • Customer satisfaction and stakeholder control

Qapter Connect

Eliminating administrative overheads and adding value that increases customer satisfaction and user experience.

  • Online access to repair status and photos
  • Visibility, transparency and trust in real-time claims status information
  • Omni-channel efficient communication for stakeholders
  • Reduced cycle time and touch points

Qapter Tablet App

For the users who are in a mobility situation with limited internet connection, Qapter Tablet App will allow them to complete a vehicle damage assessment, faster and easier.

  • Capture the damage for any part fast capturing
  • Customize all model options add mutations to the estimations
  • Navigate through 2D view, pictograms or navigation tree
  • Search parts by name or guide number

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